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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Difference between ref and out in c#

A variable to be sent as ref parameter must be initialized.
It is intended to be changed in the method to which it is passed.

A variable to be sent as out parameter dont need to be initialized
before being passed to a method, because it must be assigned in that method.
It is not intended to be changed, but intended to be assigned(or reassigned)
in the method to which it is passed.

A "ref" parameters need initialization BEFORE you call the function; "out"
does not.

The following will not compile:

string a;
f(ref a);

The following will compile:

string a;
g(out a);

int x = 4;
DisplayWithRef(ref x);
Response.Write("With ref: 14=" + x.ToString());
DisplayWithOut(out x);
Response.Write("With out: 24=" + x.ToString());
Response.Write("Without ref and out: 4!=" + x.ToString());

private void DisplayWithRef(ref int x)
x += 10;

private void DisplayWithOut(out int x)
x = 14;
x += 10;

private void DisplayWithoutRefAndOut(int x)
x -= 20;

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